Our consulting offer includes support for management, management staff and teams in the following areas:
Effective teamwork:

improving the efficiency of teams (e.g. thanks to Scrum, kanban)

metrics that are worth using and those that should be avoided when managing teams (e.g. DORA),

talent management and recruitment of the best specialists,

building and measuring employee engagement,

the use of IT tools in managing team work (Jira, Confluence, Miro, Mural, Aha!).

Flexible product delivery processes:

better organization of work and faster delivery of projects at the level of the entire organization, thanks to scaling frameworks, e.g. SAFe, Nexus, Less,

precise management of the organization's strategy and goals thanks to the OKR (Objective Key Result) method,

building a culture of support and cooperation between teams.

Improving the product offer, thanks to such approaches and tools as Lean Startup, Design Thinking, product discovery, personas, business model canvas, product metrics, OKRs and roadmaps.

Creating effective project structures and managing teams

We will show you how to build effective project structures and how to scale them, how to support teamwork and increase the effectiveness of teams, what metrics to use and which to avoid when managing teams. You will learn how to recruit the best specialists, then manage their talents, and how to build a culture of support and cooperation between teams.

Creating a motivating work environment

We will advise you on how to create the right conditions so that people feel motivated and engaged, how to quickly respond to changes and manage people undergoing change, how to create the best working environment for your employees, giving them space for development, independent decision-making and creative problem solving .

Shaping the organization's vision: effective transformation and risk management

We will show you how to make the entire organization focus its activities on the same important group of issues, how to design its development and how to measure its results, how to manage competition risk, define transparent organizational goals and how to build a competitive advantage thanks to a well-designed transformation.

Consultations can be conducted in Polish or English. They can be organized remotely (using Miro boards and any communication platform, e.g. Ms Teams), or stationary at the client’s premises.

If you are looking for help in the above areas, write to us or book a “Discovery Call” directly in the calendar – a short free conversation during which we will be able to learn about your challenges and needs. Based on this conversation, we will be able to create an offer that meets your requirements and is tailored to your context.