ScrumDistrict and invitation to mentoring


In the period from November 2022 to March 2023, I had the honor of participating in the mentoring program ScrumDistrict, which takes care of the development of people in agile roles. This was the first edition of this initiative and I warmly congratulate its authors: Marzenie and Marcin, for the idea, preparation, selection of pairs and organization of this space.

At ScrumDzielni, I was a mentor for two Scrum Masters. The topic of our sessions was, among others: supporting the Product Owner, defining valuable product metrics, or everyday challenges as a Scrum Master. 

It was a great time for me to return to experiences and memories, especially since I had spent over 7 years as a Scrum Master. It was also a space for new discoveries and reflections. I believe that mentoring is a relationship in which both parties benefit: my mentees gained knowledge and ready-made scenarios, while I organized my knowledge and organized it into new boxes.  

I really like sharing with others. It gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. If you are a Scrum Master, Product Owner or manager looking for an experienced mentor, i invite you to contact me!