Women in Agile mentoring program – try it too

women in agile

Already in March I wrote how much I like it take part in mentoring initiatives. The one I took part in over the last few months was unique because it was addressed to women. Having worked in IT since 2006, I know what it’s like to be the only woman in the room during a company meeting, I also know what it’s like to be the first female Scrum Master in the company or the only manager in the company. This is why and not for the first time, I support and encourage you with great enthusiasm, Lord. 

Coming back to the point, from the end of February to July 2023 I had the privilege of being a mentor in program organized by Women in Agile.

Women in Agile is a non-profit organization dedicated to recruiting, networking, promoting and supporting the work of outstanding women in the Agile community. The purpose of the mentoring program itself is twofold:

  • First: educate women as mentors who have already developed their careers as Agile leaders in enterprises, 
  • Second: build mentor-mentee relationships that help the Women in Agile community unleash its full potential.

It is worth adding that the mentoring program was implemented thanks to your support and generosity ICAgile


This was the second edition of the program, and I know that more are being prepared. I encourage you to take part in it! Of course, there are many benefits, I can show you the following two:

  1. It was the first time I had the opportunity to receive so much support from other mentors in the program. Once a month we met for facilitated “Power Hour” sessions. During these meetings, we could share our impressions, but above all, get to know ourselves – and each of us was practically from a different place in the world. We also learned from each other and discussed. To be honest, for me the name of this session – Power Hour – perfectly reflected its meaning, because that’s exactly how I always felt after it – energized, listened to, satisfied, motivated.
  2. My mentee! We were a perfect match. She, at the beginning of the journey of creating the Agile Coaching department – me, after two adventures of this type and in the middle of the third one. At first, she absorbed from me, then I listened to her with interest. It couldn’t be better! 

I can’t believe how quickly these five months have passed! Once again, I encourage you to take part in this initiative, because it is really worth it.